First Avenue Tokyo Station

What is First Avenue Tokyo Station?

First Avenue Tokyo Station is a three-floor commercial and retail establishment featuring some 120 stores and restaurants on the first basement floor and first floor (connected directly to the Yaesu exits of Tokyo Station) as well as on the second floor.

Featuring stores operated directly by three of Japan's leading confectionary manufacturers, Tokyo Okashi Land is Japan's first confectionary-themed retail zone.

Tokyo Character Street features various character-specific stores for well-known Japanese anime and other characters. Gift Plaza offers traditional Japanese confections in Tokyo and popular sweets. Tokyo Ramen Street offers some of the best-known ramen (Chinese noodle) shops in Tokyo. Gourmet Plaza features various other restaurants.

Appearance of First Avenue Tokyo Station

Tokyo Okashi Land

Tokyo Okashi Land, Japan's first confectionary-themed retail zone, comprises stores operated directly by three of Japan's top confectionary makers.
The three stores-Glico Ya Kitchen (operated by Ezaki Glico), Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan (operated by Morinaga Seika), and Calbee Plus (operated by Calbee)-offer fresh-made products prepared in their in-store kitchens, regional products from all over Japan, and other products available only from these stores.

Business hours: 9:00 to 21:00
Location: In front of Yaesu Underground Central Gate

  • Glico Ya Kitchen (operated by Ezaki Glico)

    Glico Ya Kitchen (operated by Ezaki Glico)

  • Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan (operated by Morinaga)

    Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan (operated by Morinaga Seika)

  • Calbee Plus (operated by Calbee)

    Calbee Plus (operated by Calbee)

Opened in July 2011, the area features around 20 stores themed according to well-known Japanese characters. Jump Shop, for example, carries merchandise based on popular characters from Weekly Shonen Jump, the boy’s magazine, including One Piece and Dragon Ball. Other stores also feature merchandise based on characters known around the world, including Ultraman, Snoopy, and Rilakkuma.
The area also features stores run by major Japanese TV stations, which carry merchandise based on station-specific dramas, movies, and variety shows.

Business hours: 10:00 to 20:30
Location: North Street on the first basement floor

  • Jump Shop


  • Ultraman World M78

    Ultraman World M78

  • Rilakkuma Store

    Rilakkuma Store

  • TV station shops

    TV station shops

Tokyo Ramen Street

Opened in April 2011, this area features ramen (Chinese noodle) stores operated by eight renowned names in Tokyo ramen: Rokurinsha Tokyo, a restaurant where there is always a line, known for tsukemen (noodles with dipping sauce); Hirugao, a branch of the very popular ramen restaurant Setagaya specializing in shio ramen (noodles in salt-based soup); Kani-senmon Keisuke Kita no Sho, created by a ramen innovator; Ramen Mutsumiya, renowned for its popular miso ramen (noodles in miso-based soup); Tokyo Station Ikaruga, one of Tokyo's most famous ramen restaurants, whose First Avenue location represents its second restaurant after the flagship restaurant; Ramen Honda, a new and popular up-and-coming eatery that also consistently draws lines; Junk-Garage, which established the genre of maze soba (noodles topped with a dollop of thick, tasty sauce); and Menya Shichisai/Tokyo Miso Ramen Edoama, a famous soy sauce ramen restaurant that extracts delightful flavor from its noodles.

Business hours: 7:30 to 22:30
* Business hours vary from store to store.
Location: South Street on the first basement floor

  • Tsukemen

    "Rokurinsha Tokyo"

  • Shio ramen

    Shio ramen

  • miso ramen

    "Kani-senmon Keisuke Kita no Sho"
    miso ramen

  • miso ramen

    miso ramen

  • soy sauce ramen

    "Tokyo Station Ikaruga"
    soy sauce ramen

  • soy sauce ramen

    "Ramen Honda"
    soy sauce ramen

  • maze soba

    maze soba

  • Kitakata ramen

    "Menya Shichisai"
    Kitakata ramen

Gochiso Plaza

This area features Japanese izakaya restaurants, where you can go to enjoy casual meals accompanied by alcoholic beverages in a relaxed atmosphere. The dishes served include seafood-centric Japanese dishes, sashimi (raw fish), kushiyaki (skewer-grilled food), and karaage (fried chicken).

Business hours: 11:00 to 22:00
* Business hours vary from store to store.
Location: Second floor

  • Kidori


  • Nihonsakari


  • Shoya New Tokyo

    Shoya New Tokyo

  • Maguro Chaya Kita no Hama

    Maguro Chaya Kita no Hama

Omiyage Plaza

The Plaza features around 30 stores offering traditional Tokyo gourmet gifts, including kaminari-okoshi (millet and rice cakes), imo-yokan (sweet potato jelly), senbei (Japanese crackers) and tsukudani (seafood, meat, or vegetables simmered in soy sauce and mirin), and popular sweets like roll cakes and rusks.

Business hours: 9:00 to 20:30 (9:00 to 20:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Location: In Front of Yaesu North Gate on the First floor

  • Kaminari-okoshi


  • Ningyo-yaki


  • Shio-senbei


  • Roll cake

    Roll cake


First Avenue Tokyo Station also offers a range of other restaurants, including cozy cafes for enjoying a cup of tea; Japanese eateries including a tachigui zushi (sushi stand), a tachigui soba (noodle stand), and a grilled eel restaurant; and an Italian bar and restaurant where one can sit in a tranquil atmosphere to enjoy a meal. Other stores include a variety shop offering trendy clothing and goods.

Business hours vary from store to store.

  • Miyagawa


  • Tokyo Gift Center


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